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27 Nov 2012

Visitors of Minsk prefer economy-class rooms

Minsk hotels

The number of hotels in Minsk will have increased to 62 by 2016.

On November 1th, there were 29 hotels in Minsk. Two of these hotels ("Oktyabrskaya " and "Belarus") are being reconstructed now. This information has been given during a press conference by the Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Vladimir Koltovich.

4.352 people can be simultaneously accommodated in functioning hotels of our capital now.

According to V. Koltovitch, the most popular things are services of budget hotels. As a rule they are loaded more than 90%. Hotel complexes of premium-class are the least popular hotels. For example, the average number of rooms to be booked in  the hotel "Europe" was 59%,  in "Victoria" - 58%.

Minsk hotel "Europe" runs with only 60 per cent capacity

The official has said that within the framework of implementation of the reconstruction and modernization of the hotel facilities of Minsk, 333.3 billion BYR has been disbursed. A full range of works has been done on the hotel complex "Yubileynaya." The reconstruction of hotel "Oktyabrskaya" is finished and it will become the five-star "Presidential Hotel" on 184 beds. The opening of the hotel "Flight" on 100 beds has been planned till the end of the year.

In addition, 42 investment projects on construction of hotels and hotel complexes with a total value of about 13 trillion BYR have been planned for the implementation. In case of realization of these projects the number of hotels in Minsk will have increased to 62 by 2016. According to experts, it can create a serious problem with the occupancy of hotel room capacity at times when major international events won`t be held in Minsk.

Vladimir Koltovich has also said that the hotel business that are providing very limited services to their guests – such as hostels - has been actively developing since 2011 in the Belarusian capital. In Minsk eight hostels now operate with a total capacity of 409 beds (one open seasonally), 6 of them on 309 beds have been opened this year.

Translated by Hanna Vladimirova


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