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Oksana Volkova

Belarusian opera star about her New-York breakthrough, further plans and has dispelled the myths concerning special diets for artists.

Behind the catwalk

Eastern European fashion is becoming more and more fascinating. Brief review of new names in the insdustry

30 Jan 2013

Foreigners in Belarus: A German banker

Foreigners in Belarus

A German economist talking about snipers eating sunflower seeds and about potato pancakes with an apple sauce

Most of Belarusians see Minsk as a reserved and conservative, clean, with broad streets and prospects, city. What image is formed by a person who has visited the capital of Belarus for the first time? The new project created by TUT.BY will familiarize its users with the foreigners who are living, studying, working in Minsk or have ever toured the nearest outskirts.

11 Jan 2013

Visitors prefer apartments

Accomodation for tourists

3* and 4* hotels do not get about 25% of their revenue, losing competition to "rent for a day" apartments, analitycal egancy EnterInvest concludes  in their Minsk hotel real estate market study.

3* and 4* hotels lose annually about $ 27 million of revenue due to severe competition with rental apartments: their cost is lower and the quality is on the same level as in Minsk hotels. According to experts the volume of hotel services market in the category of 3-4 stars is estimated at 97 million dollars. But main problem for hoteals are "luxury" apartments, which can compete with  5* hotels on the market.

Hotel and Apartment for rent Market in Minsk

9 Jan 2013

Nobody is trusted

Belarus politics

Anxious mood prevailing in the world outlook for 2013 and only in Belarus, there was little doubt in maintaining status quo.

While the Western media is trying to imagine what we are up to in  2013, only lazy did not mentioned similarity to 1913 - the last year of peace before the First World

But in fact, no other details are the same, except for the general anxiety: then, hardly anyone could have predicted the coming decade, through the Great Depression in the United States, and the world war and revolution were not yet known to historians. But now all the fears of the past easy to insert into the current agenda and to predict at least the next wave of the economic crisis.

Only on our marshes all is stable. Joked as recently as the end of the world in Belarus will not start, it will end in Belarus.

8 Jan 2013

Hoping for the better, expecting the worst

Belarus property market

Expectations of a new crisis make Belarusians to invest in property

The property market is an indicator of the economy in any country in the past year was unusually generous for Belarus for positive trends. This primarily concerns the growth of demand in the residential sector, which resulted in increase in the number of transactions. Paradox: the poorer Belarusians became, the more real estate they buy! But if you remember that a similar burst of activity was observed in 2008, it becomes apparent the real reason behind that: the intensive investment in the real estate by people was because of the threat of another financial turmoil.