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30 Jun 2013

Miss Minsk 2013's indiscreet pictures revealed

Miss Minsk's nude pictures scandal

Social networks users within only one day after Yana Kantsavenka, a stunning 21-old student of High School of Tourism, won a Miss Minsk 2013 beauty contest  in Palace of Sport discovered various pictures of her doing thing that a lot of people would consider inappropriate for Miss Minsk. Moreover, other winners also appears to be involved in the scandal as some of them being a go-go dancer and a stripper. But official reaction from the organisers has yet to come.

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On June 27 evening at the Palace of Sport among 27 contestants Yana Kantsavenka was crowned as Miss Minsk 2013.

Yana Kantsavenka - Miss Minsk 2013
Yana Kantsavenka - Miss Minsk 2013

However, within less than a day, a few Yana's photos, previously taken on parties in famous Minsk night clubs such as Dozari, started to circulate in the Internet. Some of them are really provocative and a lot of people begun to question whether the winner will be deprived of the crown or the organisers will ignore her indiscreet photos. Moreover, later it was founded out  that a number of winners and contestants work in go-go and striptease.

When asked by TUT.BY, whether STV, a TV channel and one of the organisers of the show,  will do anything about the situation with photos of the winner of the contest, a spokeswoman for STV Anastasia Savitskaya noted that the organiser of the contest "Miss Minsk - 2013" is not only STV, but also the Minsk City Executive Committee and the National School of Beauty. And  "Miss Minsk" title has been given by the jury.

"As for the photos, this is a private matter of Yana, and this issue must be addressed to her" - the representative of the channel said.

What about the photos themselves which now are so popular in Facebook and VKontakte.. Here are some of them.

Igor Karpenko, Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee and head of the Communist Party of Belarus is kissing a hand of the winner.

On the Internet, except for those photos in Instagram and online resourse, there is very little information about Yana Kantsavenka. Even on the STV web site there are only couple of words about the winner of "Miss Minsk - 2013". We are told that she enjoys playing tennis, collecting cups and always carries a mascot - a grandmother's ring.

We also managed to find a photo of 2009 on the site of Sergey Nagorny studio.

Yana Kantsavenka as a model in 2009
Yana Kantsavenka as a model in 2009

The government newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia" reports about  the winner of the contest - a student of the Belarusian State Economic University. By her own admission, she entered the faculty of the course "High school of tourism" because loves traveling and everything related to it.

According to the publication, in the hall of the Palace of Sports in the final of the competition Yana's boyfriend, a private entrepreneur was present. It was said that he hated to let her go to the competition, as he is very jealous.

Meanwhile, the online edition of the "Solidarity" newspaper has found out  new tidbits on "Miss Minsk."

"It turned out that a number of winners and contestants have been working as go-go dancers and stripper "- confessed to the publication of a top manager of one of the capital's nightclubs.

For example, the runner-up Natalia Bashura  is a go-go-dancer.

Natalia Bashura as a go-go dancer
Natalia Bashura as a go-go dancer

"Miss Friendship" Catherine Voytus  is a stripper.

Catherine Voytus' profiole as a stripper
Catherine Voytus' profile as a stripper

Participated in the finals of the competition and other incendiary performers - Christina Iljuk, Olga Kiseleva, Angelica Tikhanovich. The last two are part of the provocative quartet Ebash, doing gigs in  about the numerous clubs of the country. Tikhanovich also is a pioneer of "topless DJing."

Many winners and finalists of the contest "Miss Minsk 2013","Solidarity" writes, has already managed to meet Alexander Lukashenko and his younger son Kolya. Reception with the head of state and municipal authorities (as well as heads of state television) was held in the evening of June 28.

As was told to "Salidarnasts" by one of those who attended there were about 10 girls invited .

"Some girls did not want to come. But it was a mandatory program - non-attendance was not accepted. After the reception, attended also by Kolya Lukashenka, which whom some girls were talking, many went to work - to the clubs" - shared the source.

"Most of these girls are very nice and decent, and what they are doing - it's just their job" summed up the head of one of the capital's nightclubs. - "But to claim the status of "Miss Minsk" is a step a bit too far. But most of all questions are, of course, to the organisers of the competition ..."

Among them are  the Minsk city executive committee, the television channel STV and National School of Beauty.

Please, leave you comment below whether Yana should be deprived of the Miss Minsk 2013 title. Also, have a look at photos of other contestants presenting Minsk in our forum gallery - Click Here 


  1. Not surprised at all. Looks like the girls knew exactly waht to do to get the titles and prise money

  2. The girls work hard.They need money.

  3. If Belarus provides opportunities to its citizens maybe girls didnt need to make the street for living, Im right?

    1. Do not think so. We are not talkinjg about "street girls" here. It's not a matter of money. Those girls are not starving they just want to live galmour life. It's not a crime definetely but there is no need to advertise it.

      Anyway, I personally think that that's the jury's fault. They need to check everything out.

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