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4 Jul 2013

Fury is not over

Miss Minsk 2013 photo scandal

The picante story of Miss Minsk 2013’s frivolous pictures has been frozen by silence both from organisers of the show and the winner Yana Kanstavenka herself. The only statement received from her was her status in the social network VKontakte.  If briefly,  she recognises that the photos taken in the night club Dozari are of her but denies any wrongdoing. Moreover, she proudly confesses that her lifestyle is what the other girls are dreaming on.

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Yana Kantsavenka's page in VKontakte
Yana Kantsavenka's page in VKontakte

In the meantime the organisers which are Minsk TV channel STV, City Council of Minsk and National School of Beauty, also keep silent and didn’t make any official statements yet. But it was  became known that TV broadcasting of Miss Minsk 2013 show has been cancelled and the press was advised to “keep low profile about it”. It looks like the authorities would like to play down the scandal hoping that after some time very few people will be interested in details.

The show host Anna Bond expressed sympathy to the winner stating that “Belarusian society should grow up” and got immediate backlash describing her as “immoral dumb Barbie”.  Among supporters of Yana Kantsavenka was also her current boyfriend.  In interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belarusi the 24 year old Denis said that “he is 100 per cent behind her”.  He stated as well that “she first decided to give up the title but it was he who persuaded her not to do it”

However, furious battles fighting in social networks and forums regarding Yana Kantsavenka’s  life before and after the  beauty contest are still going on.  A lot of people would like to see her to be deprived from the Miss Minsk title and, probably, it could have been done by the organisers. The problem is that as it has been discovered by the Internet users before the runner-up is a go-go dancer and the next in line is a stripper. Difficult to choose the right person indeed!

Both people who blame Yana and defend her believe that it is organisers who must be punished first. It looks that they just forget top include prohibition of having indescreet pictures in the beauty contest rules. Some girls who took part on the show also admit that during the casting and the show itself organisers asked them to pose in very sexual way and used "very strange type of jokes", as one of the participants said.

We will watch for further development of the story


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