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12 Jul 2013

Tapas bar at Internatsionalnaya

For those who are a big fan of Spanish cousine it is worthwhile to visit Tapas bar at Internatsionalnaya which offers wide range of dishes

There are different ways to start a story about Spanish cuisine, but without a mention of "tapas" this story will never be complete. Tapas bar for the Spanich is not the only place where you can eat and drink, it is primarily a place where three basic rules of Spanish hospitality are connected: good food, good drink and good talk. Tapas is not just a snack for an aperitif, it is an important part of the food culture of Spain. The word "tapas" is derived from the Spanish verb tapar, "to cover".

There are many legends about serving tapas. It is told that King Alfonso X made sure that Castilian taverns served wine accompanied by something to eat, so that the wine would not go straight to the clients' heads. I like the story about the writer (it was no other than Servantes). Once he was imprisoned. But he was acquainted with the Spanish king and daily glass of wine was meant to him, the wine was delivered to Servantes from the nearest tavern. Because the road was bumpy the wine spilled constantly. Servantes was not happy. The innkeeper decided to cover with a glass of wine slice of ham or cheese. Whatever the true origin of tapas, prepare one or several, then enjoy them like the Spanish do – with a glass of wine and a relaxed attitude. "Ah! Magnifico!". Tapas are served day in and day out in every bar and cafe in Spain.

If you like Spanish cuisine, and maybe you know anything about Spanish cuisine, but would like to try it, be sure to visit this cozy little bar in the center of Minsk. This bar is a little corner of Spain in the center of town. Tapas bar is located right across the street from one of the most iconic cinemas in Minsk (cinema "Pobeda"). Tapas Bar is the first and only Spanish cuisine cafe in Minsk, where visitors can order this snack. The menu includes more than 20 kinds of snacks. In addition you can order different kinds of salads, paella, quesadillas and other Spanish dishes. If you’re not in the mood for tapas and quesadillas, fine. Go to Tapas bar without a reservation and at least order a sangria or other alcohol because the wine list is diverse. Here you can easily find any drink from classic sangria to cognac. If you want to try a slice of happiness here and now you’ll order "chocolate bomb" with a cup of coffee latte. The friendly, professional and attentive staff will make your evening perfect. Cozy terrace is open during the summer time. The musicians play Spanish music every Saturday night.

The menu is not translated into English, but the staff speaks excellent English, the waiters will help you make the order. An average bill is about 20$ per person (including alcohol).

Address: Internatsionalnaya street, 9/17
Metro station:  Kupalawskaya/Kastrychnitskaya
Cuisine:  Spanish, European
Reservation phone number:  +375-29-399-11-11