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27 Jan 2014

Where to go in February?

Depeche Mode in Minsk Arena
Honestly, Minsk is a very boring city. The capital of the country rather resembles an isolated Irish island, than a vibrant New York or hardy Moscow.  To be even more honest, in winter Minsk is unbearably, even daintily boring, thus becoming a reliable source of inspiration for pro-realistic artists and adventurous poets.

Cultural events in Minsk in February 2014

We believe that  it's just the facade.  Minsk is boring from the outside, being covered in grey buildings and soviet monuments, it desperately needs someone who will see its true, a little bit fragile, but really warm and cozy insides. It's a very introverted capital, that just pretends to be more trivial and boring, that it really is, because it's afraid of excessive attention to its personality. But if you dare to discover Minsk from the inside, it will open up for you and you will fall into its widely-spread arms. February in Minsk is going to be lively and warm (it's definitely not about the weather, stock up with woolen socks and bobble hats, so trendy this winter!), educational and undoubtedly funny.

Whether you're staying in a comfortable hotel, a hostel in the middle of nowhere or an office in the downtown, go outside. As it's just the perfect way of exploring Minsk from the inside. So here's the list of Top 7 February events, that you can't miss:

TSEKH gallery
Days are shamefully dark and evenings are desperately cold in February. At least at the first day of this unpredictable month you can find a perfect shelter in the TSEKH gallery, full of music and light. There's going to be a real musical marathon  from 12 am to 12 pm.  What a challenge! Dancing and singing  along to the coolest Belarusian bands all day long, while the rest of Minsk is fighting for a ten-minute nap at a workplace. During the breaks you can grab a sandwich with tea at the bar.

TSEKH gallery

Where: 58, Nezavisimosty avenue, block 6.
Contact info:  +375 29 686-83-33
Cost: free

Re:public night club
St. Valentine's eve should be as sweet and atmospheric as Christmas eve. To feel that love is all around you, arrange yourself an unforgettable night out in Re:public night club, where there's going to be 'Zakahany fest', which is literally translated as 'Fest in love'. You'll hear some of Belarusian rock bands and definitely fall in love with everything around you, as if you were still a curious kid, having found  a real door to Narnia. By the way, finding Re:public club is even harder than Narnia, so use google maps, while getting ready for love energy. Don't worry about the tickets, you can buy them at the entrance.

Re:public club

Where: 62, Pritytskogo street, metro station Kuntsevshchina.
Contact info: +375 29 110-35-35.
Cost: 85 000 - 110 000 rubles.

National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre
If you've ever dared to claim that soviet architecture sucks, visit the National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre. Isn't it mega impressive? After posting its pictures on Instagram,  go inside and spend the best St. Valentine's evening ever, enjoying Belarusian ballet Vitovt. It will be the most serene and imaginative lesson in Belarusian history you've ever had. By the way, Vitovt was an awesome ruler in the 15th century. You'll definitely learn why after the ballet. As it's one of the most must-see premiers of this winter, book yourself a ticket in advance on their website.

National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre

Where: 1, Parizhskoy Kommuny square.
Contact info: +375 17 334-10-41, website:
Cost: 30 000 - 700 000 rubles.

Minsk Philharmonic Hall
You've probably seen or even tried Irish dancing or Cuban salsa, even ancient minuets, so popular in Mozart's times, don't seem to you as unknown and mysterious as Belarusian national dance. After February, 19th you'll be able to boast to your friends that you've actually become deeply versed in Belarusian folk dance, as in Minsk Philharmonic Hall there'll be not just a concert - real show, held by the most outstanding Belarusian dance company Haroshki. Fun guaranteed! Just be sure that you've booked tickets in advance.

Haroshki- - Belarusian dance

Where: 50, Nezavisimosty avenue.
Contact info: +375 17-284-44-33, website:
Cost: 70 000 - 150 000 rubles.

National Art Museum
Did you know that there were times, when life in Belarus was so luxurious that people used gold and silk for making unique male sashes?  They were called 'Slutskiya payasy', because the main manufacture was situated in a small Belarusian town Slutsk. These sashes are considered to be one of the most fabulous symbols of Belarusian nation and are truly worth seeing with your own eyes. Visit the National Art Museum, which is situated just in the downtown, to enjoy 'Slutskiya payasy' and Belarusian art. Don't even think of planning anything else for this day. Plunging into the atmosphere of art is at least one day's business!

Slutskiya payasy

Where: 20, Lenina street; metro station Kupalovskaya.
Contact info:
Cost: 65 ooo thousand rubles (free on the last Wednesday of the month).                                                                                  

Minsk Arena
It would be bad manners not to mention it. February, 28 Depeche Mode will be giving their second show in Minsk. Wouldn't it be hilarious and exotic experience to go to their concert in here? It definitely would.

Depeche Mode in Minsk Arena - big

Where: 111, Pobediteley avenue.
Contact info: (on-line ticket booking)
Cost: 510 000 -2 210 000 rubles.

Winter lasertag
Sometimes winter becomes unbearable and a silent nasty voice of your avitaminosis, caused by vitamin D deficiency, tells you that you just need a little action. Pretending that you're shooting someone would bring forgotten agility to your body. Winter lasertag, situated not far from extremely beautiful Chelyuskinites Park, will help you to overcome any existential crisis...just by 2 hours' fighting. You will be given a trendy military uniform, a laser gun and a helmet. Don't worry about the police, it's absolutely legal and harmless. Having bumped off a couple of bad guys, you can have a heroic walk along the park with your team, drinking a cup of coffee with a crumpet. Just remember that you need to book in advance and have a company of at least 6 people. Even if you travel alone, it will be almost the best way to meet some interesting Belarusian folk  in a very informal environment.

Winter lasertag

Where: 86a, Nezavisimosty Avenue.
Contact info: +375 29-636-33-06.
Cost: 80 000 rubles.

If you're still indecisive about the ways of exploring introverted Minsk personality, go to Gorky Park and feed the friendliest ducks in the world with white bread, drink some mulled wine at Oktyabrskaya square and don't forget to go to the outdoor rink in Nemiga to practice figure skating, even if you're quite amateurish in it.

Be inventive and have a lovely February with Minsk!


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