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28 Feb 2014

Where to go in March?

Have you ever noticed how different cities start looking when spring comes? Even in March, when it's still quite chilling, you can already smell the ground, released from snow, and the sun, going down definitely later than before, is gradually getting warmer.

The most unpredictable and undoubtedly the most welcome month transforms Minsk as well. Streets are getting flooded not only by streamlets - the last witnesses of snow - but by happy and a little bit surprised people, who have already managed to change their winter clothes on lighter ones, even if it's  still below zero.  Minsk becomes bright, colorful and smiling. It's not as bustling and diverse as it's in summer, but it's not silent anymore.

What to see in Minsk in March 2014

Flow into the streams of Minsk life this March! And don't miss anything. We've got the list of top 7 events that will make you shine brighter than the spring sun!

Dudutki open air museum

Belarusians enjoy celebrating their traditional holidays, as they're always exuberant and lively. One of the most favorite holidays is Maslenitsa - when spring is rescued from winter. People usually welcome spring by eating and cooking pancakes (isn't it cute?), singing and dancing round the fire and then burning down an effigy symbolizing winter! If you want to be a part of this tradition, visit Dudutki open air museum at the very first day of spring. Apart from all that, you can shoot a bow and play traditional Belarusian games and try the most popular Belarusian meal draniki. And don't even dare leave Dudutki without trying at least 3 different types of pancakes!

Where: Puhovichskiy region, Ptich village.
Contact info:
Cost: free

Gallery of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts

One of the most widespread reasons of depression is light deficiency. It has been calculated by Belarusian meteorologists that in general we have only 25-35 sunny days a year. Nevertheless, Belarusians never give up! Instead of crying about a clear sky, they create light themselves. If you don't believe us, visit the Gallery of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts, which hosts an exhibition of the Belarusian Union of Architects, dedicated to light in its practical and philosophical meaning. You will be most impressed by a lightbulb called "Flash of inspiration", which is made in the form of a...human brain! Hurry up, the exhibitions closes on 8 March.

Where: 1, Oktyabrskaya Square (The Palace of the Republic).
Contact info: 8 (029) 380 80 75
Cost: free

Minsk Spring Tango Festival

From March, 6 to March, 9 Minsk will be hosting an Argentinean tango festival for the third time! Looking at graceful dancing couples would be a perfect addition to celebrating the International Women's Day (March, 8), which is one of the most beautiful holidays of the year. By the way, if you like to make any Belarusian girl happy, buy her mimosas - these fragile spring first-comers are the symbols of this holiday - and take her to the Tango Festival.
Where: Art center, 16, Kirova str.
Contact info:
Price: free

Minsk Arena

They're one of the most famous rock guys of the world. And they're going to visit Minsk for the second time with their new album "Love Lust Faith + Dreams"! Their frontman Jared Leto blows everybody's mind by still looking like a teenager. 30 Seconds to Mars are known for their incredibly energetic live shows, so don't miss this perfect chance to plunge into the atmosphere of their music on 10th March in Minsk Arena!
Where: 111, Pobediteley avenue.
Contact info:  8(029)-75-111-75, 8(029)-106-000-3.
Cost: 300 000 - 800 000 thousand rubles.

TSEKH Gallery

Photos in the modern world are one of the most powerful sources of reflecting society. Have you ever seen any photos of Belarusian photographers? Till the end of March you'll have an opportunity to visit a very special exhibition Process, which will represent the works of 9 young Belarusian photographers. A very thrilling detail of the project is that you can see not only the works themselves, but the process of their creation; photographers will show their diaries, films and even some failed photos. This is going to be a real interactive art project, that will cast light not only on contemporary Belarusian photography, but also on the way photos come to life.
Where: 58, Nezavisimosty avenue, block 6.
Contact info:  +375 29 686-83-33
Cost: 20 000 rubles.

Re:public night club

March, 15 Minsk is going to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Re:public night club, not lagging behind Ireland! Enjoy listening and dancing to some Irish folk music, performed by young Belarusian folk bands. Of course, tons of beer and fun are guaranteed!
Where: 62, Pritytskogo street, metro station Kuntsevshchina.
Contact info: 8 (017) 649 08 88.
Cost: 90 000 - 130 000 rubles.

National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre

There're some performances, that are so incredible and thought-provoking,  that you can't letting them go afterwards. Creation of the World ballet is just like that. Having been created by the famous USSR composer Andrey Petrov, it deals with eternal questions of life and death, love and hate, chaos and harmony. Being wrapped up in a beautiful packing of dancing and game of light and shadow, it's still profound and makes you think about your life. Don't miss a chance to philosophize a little bit on 3o March.

Where: 1, Parizhskoy Kommuny square.
Contact info:
Cost: 30 000 - 700 000 rubles.
Don't miss anything and have an unforgettable March in Minsk!