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27 Dec 2013

"Mystery guest" in the Robinson Club

Robinson Club, a luxury country club and restaurant was opened in 2012. Located on Minsk Sea shore it gives visitors a wonderful opportunity to see beautiful Belarusian nature. But how about having a lunch there? Onliner's "mystery guest" has visited the place and gives his verdict:  for price over 849 thousand Belarusian rubbles he got gazpacho with giant dose of garlic and almost perfect steak.

Sunday. Summer day.  It is a good time for a leisurely lunch in the restaurant on the wharf Robinson Club (route Minsk - Maladziechna, 7th kilometers from Minsk ring autoban).

Private parking is always available for visitors . Well-trained staff is ready to welcome visitors. The door was opened, we were guided to a table with an amazing view of the Minsk Sea, served quickly: waiter came at once with the menu and offered drinks.

The menu is made in the best local tradition: rich in design with leather cover and plastic files inside.

Let me pay tribute to the attentive waiter. He took the order in detail. Water was offered of a choice of three types and volumes. We ordered a cup of espresso and a cup of cappuccino, and bottled Italian water of room temperature. Drinks were served immediately - espresso a bit cold and cappuccino slightly watery. A nice set of sugar on the table was pleasantly diverse and beautifully served. A bottle of water was served as requested, not from the refrigerator. A waiter asked for a number of glasses.

We are ready to make an order. As a starter: pizza "Margarita", gazpacho soup, traditional "Caesar" salad with chicken and local focaccia. As a main dish we ordered hot beef steak medium with onions and sauce. Oh yeah, and aperitif "Margarita"!

Cocktail "Margarita" did not suit expectation. Unfortunately, it has already traditional set of flows: improper proportions, lots of orange syrup, too sweet, bitter fine salt on the edge of the glass. Apparently, it is "profitable": a salt box on the tables filled with this kind of salt, and glasses dipped in it if necessary.

Pizza "Margarita" made a better impression than a couple of months ago in here. Then it was more like a greasy cheburek with cheese and dill. Sad, we did not take photos at that moment. Now, it seems, they changed pizzaiolo: freshly baked pizza , mozzarella, of course, without  slices of tomatoes, only tomato paste on the basis with leaves of basil. It is not a standard yet, however the progress is visible.

"Caesar" was not bad: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, quail egg, croutons from the pack with glutamate (as it looked), cheese was definitely not a Parmigiano Reggiano, chicken breast warmed after storing in fridge.

Preheat focaccia ...  Apparently it was prepared in advance without the use of olive oil.

In gazpacho garlic was found in extreme quantities, but the tomatoes were good, ripe! The taste of cucumbers and celery was traced.

What a surprise! The steak was almost perfectly done! Finally, we had a taste of wonderfully cooked steak: fried on both sides on fire to a desired condition with a pleasant taste and smell of smoke. However, the meat was a bit tough, the steak was neither stewed, nor over fried, namely cooked at the "right" temperature on the grill. As expected, the steak was covered with a delicious crust, all the meat juices stayed inside.

The sauce probably was with glutamate, we did not like it. The onions were not caramelised what was typical for Belarusian cuisine. Immediately remove from the plate! Do not spoil a dish. All you needed to this steak was a little of sea salt and freshly ground pepper or polenta from asparagus. I had to confess, I forgot to order fries. And when we recollected it was too late: Steak was eaten.

Take a look into the restrooms. They are clean and well maintained. However in the "best" Belarusian traditions: with plastic booths, cheap ceramic tiles and locks worthy only for supermarket. With it the design was supposed to be sophisticated.

As dessert we tried not too sweet cheesecake "NY" with a new cup of  espresso. The second cup of coffee was much better. In taste it was quite Italian (with a bitter robusta). We wondered when in Minsk restaurants espresso would be  served with a glass of water? And the taste would stay the same from a cup to a cup?

Once again, we noted the efforts of the waiter who asked every time when to serve dishes, took away empty plates in time, in one  word, behaved as it was expected.

As a result, there was a nice atmosphere: native Belarusian nature and fresh air, the view of the water from on the wharf,  good cuisine and quickness, diligent service. Chill out music. What else you need for a good lunch? That's right! A decent meal! Verdict for Robinson Club: do work on the issues and gourmets will appreciate it! But for now we should understand and forgive ))).

The bill (in BYR) :
Gazpacho - 80,000
Cocktail "Margarita" - 120,000
Cappuccino - 20,000
Espresso (2) - 34,000
Water "Aqua Pan " - 60,000
Pizza "Margarita" - 45,000
"Caesar" salad - 120,000
Steak - 300,000
Focaccia - 10,000
Cheesecake - 60,000
Total - 849,000


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